July 15th- A Random Date On Which Many Things Happened

July 15th- A Random Date On Which Many Things Happened

Jul 15, 2023

Why am I writing a blog post about July 15th?

I had a thought this morning. Why don't I look up things that happened in American history on July 15th and post it on this blog. I'm all about sharing food for thought and both the mundane (yet fascinating to me!) facets of American history along with the more well-known and pivotal events.

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Historical summary of July 15th, hobby-blogger-style.

I love lists. And bullet points. Especially on short posts meant to inspire questions and encourage readers to take a deeper dive into anything that interests y'all!

Here it is: a few items I found that fascinated me personally.

  • 1806- The Pike Expedition sets out to explore the American southwest.
  • 1882- Former first lady Mary Todd Lincoln passes away and one year later, Charles Stratton, a circus performer lovingly known as "Tom Thumb" passes.
  • 1912- American athlete Jim Thorpe won a gold medal for the decathlon at the Olympics in Stockholm.
  • 1955- Disneyland opened in Anaheim. (I had to throw a Disney reference in for my dear friend Corinne!)
  • 1969- Apollo 11 lifts off and 4 days later, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are the FIRST humans to set foot on the moon.
  • 1997- In South Beach, designer Gianni Versace is murdered by his lover, Andrew Cunanan.
  • 2005- Wedding Crashers premiered. I'm serious, I love this movie and talk about culture in history! Who hasn't done this (or thought about it?)!

With my love of Early American history, I'm dropping this advice from Benjamin Franklin.

Acrostic from Benjamin Franklin (the Elder)

ms Commonplace Book of Benjamin Franklin (the Elder): American Antiquarian Society

Sent To B.F. in N. E. 15 July 1710

Be to thy parents an Obedient son;
Each Day let Duty constantly be Done;
Never give Way to sloth or lust or pride
If free you’d be from Thousand Ills beside.
Above all Ills be sure Avoide the shelfe:
Mans Danger lyes in Satan, sin and selfe.
In vertue, Learning, Wisdome progress make.
Nere shrink at suffering for thy saviours sake;
Fraud and all Falshood in thy Dealings Flee;
Religious Always in thy station be;
Adore the Maker of thy Inward part:
Now’s the Accepted time, Give him thy Heart.
Keep a Good Conscience, ’tis a constant Frind;
Like Judge and Witness This Thy Acts Attend.
In Heart with bended knee Alone Adore
None but the Three in One Forevermore.

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Closing thoughts.

Any day of the week, any week of the month and month of the year... history happens. Amazing thoughts are shared, either written or verbal. BIG events and small steps toward something new come about. Grab hold and share what fascinates you! It's what I plan to keep doing - like I mentioned here.

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