What to Write About When There Is So Much History? Anything.

What to Write About When There Is So Much History? Anything.

Jun 22, 2023

Message to readers: there is a lot of history.

Here is the deal: there is a ton of history so the question is always going to be where to start. People kept telling me I need to write about the history I'm always talking about and I gave in! When I created this blog, I felt all the emotions: adrenaline to get started, fear of getting it all done and of course that meant some overwhelm.

So I'm stepping back and breathing. The point of this blog was doing it "for fun" after all!

I have my disclaimers, including the big one at the bottom of the post, confirming that I'm not an expert and I will update/evolve information as I get new and more. In the end, this is for fun.

Disclaimer: As a blogger, I use affiliate links sometimes! I may receive commission from purchases I share; it does not change your price but sometimes you might get a discount.

What this blog is and is not.

In order to keep from feeling the overwhelm and stay authentic to my free-flowing, journal-style posts, I am ditching:

  • the idea of perfection
  • doing things in any kind of order

What I will do:

  • write about things as I learn them and am motivated to share
  • use categories to make it easier for all of us to find articles

Side note: feel free to tell me your opinions about any new categories or additional tags I need to give posts.

So in short, the posts will be random! Textiles, bricks, architecture, archaeology, museums, people, shoes, and paintings. In any order!

Because here is what I believe American (and all) history is about:

  • the people who lived it
  • the things they did, food they ate, buildings they lived in
  • their trades, jobs, hobbies, and creations
  • the fashion, the books, the flowers, the trees... everything.

Not to mention, the complex humans, from names you heard to some you haven't yet.

Let's talk about history.

Clearly, this blog is focused on the beginnings of our United States of America by default. I live in Williamsburg, the largest living history museum in the world. Jamestown, Yorktown and so much more is within reach.

However, I'll share other places I visit and history that I learn. Help me out! As I mentioned in my first post, go and search out history where you live. And if you travel and seek out museums and monuments.

Use the comment boxes on these articles or email me using [email protected] at any time!

I want to hear what you find and know your stories.

There it is, the shortest post ever.

Clearly I wasn't writing for Google, I was writing for you! More history to come, and if you made it this far on this post, I hope you enjoyed the photos and I'm grateful for you being here!

There is a huge practical disclaimer to the content on this blog, which is my way of sharing my excitement and basically journaling online.

1) I am not a historian nor an expert. I will let you know I’m relaying the information as I understand and interpret it. The employees of Colonial Williamsburg base their presentations, work, and responses on historical documents and mainly primary sources.

2) I will update for accuracy as history is constant learning. If you have a question about accuracy, please ask me! I will get the answer from the best source I can find.

3) Photo credit to me, Daphne Reznik, for all photos in this post, unless otherwise credited! All photos are personal photos taken in public access locations or with specific permission.