September 8th: On the Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s Passing, Let’s Look at This Day in American History

September 8th: On the Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s Passing, Let’s Look at This Day in American History

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Yup- 2 days in a row! Another entry into "this day in history" category on this blog. As I realized that September 8th is the anniversary of the Queen's passing, even after yesterday's post, I was in the mood to do a "day in history" post. After all, this is my journal-style blog, so why not?

Whether you're building up your arsenal of "water cooler topics," reading along because you love history as much as me, or hoping to get the tools you need for your next trivia night, I'm glad you're here.

Let's take a quick peek back.

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View looking back at the Robert Carter house in Colonial Williamsburg

Historical snapshot of September 8th, hobby-blogger using bullet points and making it easy to follow!

  • 1664- New Amsterdam becomes New York. Click here for details.
  • 1771- Mission San Gabriel Arcangel was founded. I love visiting missions and have to admit, I haven't hit this one outside East LA yet, so it is added to my list with other sites I want to see!
  • 1847- The US military, under General Scott, defeat the Mexicans at the Battle of Molino del Rey- check it out here on this list compiled by the U.S. Army on their website, an excellent primary source for military history!
  • 1930- The comic strip Blondie is launched- and OMG so many Saturday mornings watching the Blondie movies with my dad as a kid in Chicagoland. Memories that are etched in...
  • 1931- Restoration of the President's House at the historic College of William and Mary was completed. The college was chartered in 1693 under namesakes King William [William of Orange] and Queen Mary. Click here to read the details.
  • 1932- Country music legend Patsy Cline was born. She shares her birthdate with another famous voice: Pink, born in 1979 and a member of my fantastic GenX generation!
  • 1974- President Ford, who I'm so familiar with having lived in Michigan for most of my life- pardons President Nixon.
  • 2022- We lose Queen Elizabeth II. She was responsible for saving the Cleveland Bay horse breed - still a rare breed which is the focus of Colonial Williamsburg's rare breed program when it comes to horses. Clearly, her impact was felt around the world as well as here in Colonial Williamsburg, where she's visited and stayed, and we celebrate her life.

What else happened? Let's hear it.

Please share your September 8th tidbits from American history in the comments section!

Closing with words from Benjamin Franklin and his hope for reconciliation with England in 1773 (on September 8th of course)

....It was always the Boast of the Americans, that they could claim their Original from the Kingdom of Great Britain, and their Joy upon being re-admitted to all the Privileges of Englishmen will operate as a new Cement to a grateful and generous People, which will for ever ensure their future Loyalty and Obedience.
The above is the sincere Opinion of
A Well-Wisher to Great Britain and her Colonies.

(Click here to read the document in full, with citations and explanation.)

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